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System - Intelligent Trap Valve Station

System - Intelligent Trap Valve Station
Compact As against a lengthy assembly
Efficient Eliminating pipe joints that can leak
Easy to Maintain Removal and Refitting of Universal Steam trap in few seconds
Convenient Integral Piston Valves, Bypass and Vent

Uniklinger brings the new intelligent Trap Valve Station, in keeping with our Market Leadership tradition

The Quality and Reliability carries the dependable UKL seal Popularly used in Refinery, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas sector

Suited for Type & Rubber, Pharma, Fertiliser, Paper and other progressive industries

Conventional Assembly Uses
Inlet Isolation Stop Valve
Byepass Valve
Steam Trap Unit & Interconnected Piping

As Compared to Conventional Trap Module A TVS (Trap Valve Station) Uses

Single Piece of Universal Having Inlet & Outlet Piston Valves for Isolation of Universal Steam Trap of Bolted/Swivel Attachment Blowdown /Bypass Socket & Trap Test/Vent Soket

Benefits of TVS

Ease of Installation
Quick Attachment & Detachment of Universal Steam Trap
Testing Trap online
Bypass when Trap is Being Attended
Ease of Depressurisation
Compact and Rugged

System - Intelligent Trap Valve Station

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