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Piston Valve

Piston Valve

Features :
  • Seatless Valve
  • Economic,easy to service
  • Leak-tight across ports and to atmosphere
  • No erosion of sealing surface
  • Saves energy, environment friendly
  • Maintenance free

The Piston Valve principle is a KLINGER idea. One of many ideas which has achieved world-wide recognition. Continuously modified and matched to modern requirements, the piston valve has proved itself by the millions throughout the world. Today we can say with pride that our group is the world's largest manufacturer of valves, based on this design principle. "KLINGER" Piston valve's performance is backed by the central R & D of KLINGER at Switzerland.

The sealing system is astonishingly simple and extraoradinarily effective : Always leak-tight across the ports and to atmosphere.

The shut-off assembly comprises of a stainless steel piston, two resilient valve rings and a ferrous-metal lantern bush. The sealing surface consists of the cylindrical surface of the piston and the corresponding inner surface area of the sealing rings. The provides a very large sealing surface compared with globe valves with conventional design- one of the reasons for the Piston valve's excellent seal.
Maintenance - free
The upper valve ring is of KFK (Kor-P/KLINGERFLON / Kor-P) and provides a reliable seal to atmosphere. The middle layer of the ring is of KLINGERFLON (PTFE) and is fully contained between Kor-P laminates, the valve body and piston, in both the open and shut positions. The pressure on the valve ring is provided by the nuts securing the bonnet to the valve body. Belle ville washers are fitted under the bonnet nuts to ensure that the pressure of the bonnet on the valve ring is kept constant. This maintains uniform contact of the PTFE with the piston and the body : permeability to gases is reduced to a minimum and a optimum seal to atmosphere is guaranteed. The lower valve ring provides the seal across the ports. The lantern bush serves as a distance piece between the two rings.
The thrust produced by tightening the bonnet nuts acts axially from above this thrust is transmitted from the upper valve ring via the lantern bush, to the lower valve ring. Which is contained in the body. The resilient sealing rings are thereby compressed and transform this thrust into a radially acting pressure. Being supported against the wall of the valve body. the laminates of the valve rings are compressed around the piston and thereby produce an outstanding Seal.

Compensation for thermal expansions
Piston Valves are fitted with Belleville washers as standard. In conjunction with the resilient sealing rings, this produces a spring-action sealing system. Owing to the different coefficients of thermal expansion of the various valve components, fluctuations of pressure and temperature create thermal expansions which inevitably lead to leakage. The Belleville washers, however maintain constant pressure on the resilient valve rings and automatically Compansate for any thermal expansions that may occur. The Piston Valves stay tight without maintenance

Unaffected by foreign matter in the Medium
Foreign matter in the mediium cannot harm a Pistn Valve. When the valve is being shut and the piston enters the lower ring, it automatically sweeps out any particles of sand, welding globules or other impurities present in the medium. The possibility of damage to the sealing system through abrasive matter suspended in the medium-a well-known problem with conventional globe valves is effectively eliminated with piston valves. Fibrous and contaminated media can be reliably shut off without trouble

Environmentally acceptable + Energy saving
The outstandingly good seal offers two advantages which should not be overlooked; there is no loss of medium (cost factor); and oxic or aggressive media cannot endanger the environment (pollution factor) since they remain in the piping system. Piston valves are leak-tight-both across the ports and to atmosphere.
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