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Sight Glass ( Sight Glass Level Indicator )

Description :
UKL offers Sight Glasses which enables the visualization of liquid in the pipeline.
This helps in pre-empting problems occurring in the equipment upstream or downstream of the glass.
UKL Sight glass available "Double window type" uses toughened borosilicata original klinger glasses for consistent, reliable trouble free performance.

Limiting Conditions :
Maximum operating pressure 20 bar
Maximum operating temperature 250°C
Cold hydraulic test pressure 40 bar

Applications :
Condensate lines - UKL Sight Glass can be fitted on a condensate line to monitor steam leakages in the condensate because of the improved visibility it offers, UKL Sight glass is especially suited for use in lines with high-speed flow.
Oil lines - The flow of oil and oil vapour can be visualised using sight glass
Heat exchangers - UKL Sight glass can be used to check the efficiency of heat exchangers, especially in condensers. A Sight glass can be fitted downstream of a condenser and flow of steam indicates a loss of performance in the condenser or a change in coolant conditions

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