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Tube Bundle Dryers


In this Dryer, tube bundle is rotating inside stationary housing.

 Heating Media is passed through the tubes of Tube Bundle. Material  to be dried is fed into the stationary dryer housing at suitable  location at one end. The material gets lifted up & showered on  tubes with help of specially designed lifters provided on tube  bundle periphery. Material gets dried by conduction heat transfer &  discharged from the other end.


Tube Bundle Dryers

Rishikesh offers customized configurations of Tube Bundle Dryers.
  • Material Flow: Co-current / Counter-current
  • Vapor Exhaust : Natural Draft / Induced Draft.
  • Fines Recovery : Cyclones / Bag Filters / Settling Chambers.
  • Heating Media : Steam / Hot Oil / Thermic Fluid.
  • Feed preconditioning, Product back-mixing systems.
  • Feed & product handling, conveying systems

Rotary Steam Tube Dryers


Rotary Steam Tube Dryers


In this dryer, tubes are fixed to the outer shell housing & rotate along with the shell. Single / Multiple rows of tubes are circumferentially arranged on the internal periphery of the rotary shell. Rotary shell is supported on tyres / rollers & driven through suitable drive arrangement. Wet feed material is fed through center of one end of the Dryer by feed screw. Steam is admitted in the circumferential tubes from a rotating manifold installed towards material discharge end of the shell through Rotary Joint. Condensate is also collected through the same Rotary Joint. Material gets

dried by conduction heat transfer & discharged from the openings provided on the shell at the other end. The openings also serve for fresh air intake. Vapors are removed from the feed end. Spiral flight lifters showered the feed material on tubes.

Material Movement Configurations :
  • Vapor Exhaust : Natural Draft / Induced Draft
  • Fines Recovery : Cyclones / Bag Filters / Settling Chambers
  • Heating Media : Steam / Hot Oil / Thermic Fluid
  • Feed preconditioning, Product back-mixing systems
  • Feed & product handling, conveying systems
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