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Vacuum Dryers

Vacuum Dryers Vacuum Dryers
Vacuum Drying
Vacuum Dryers are widely used in the Industry for drying of variety of products.
Vacuum Dryer is batch dryer ideal for drying of heat sensitive products, drying of products in solvents (for subsequent solvent recovery), drying requirements necessitating achievement of very low moisture or low oxygen drying environment to minimize oxidation or for explosion prone products. 
RISHIKESH offers Customized Vacuum Drying Systems with variety of Configurations.

Agitated Cylindrical Vacuum Dryer


Agitated Cylindrical Vacuum Dryer


In these dryers, heat is supplied to jacket of stationary cylindrical housing. The material to be dried is kept in agitation by means of specially designed rotor.

Features Configurations :

  • Rotor Types: Helical Ribbon, Paddles, and Special
  • Heating Surfaces: Shell, End Covers, and Shaft.
  • Heating Media: Steam, Hot Water/Oil, Thermic Fluid.
  • Side Mounted Choppers.
  • Solvent Recovery

Double Cone Vaccum Dryer


Double Cone Vaccum Dryer

  In Double Cone Vacuum dryers, heat is supplied to double conical shaped rotating jacket. The material to be dried is kept in continuous tumbling within the rotating housing. Conical shape facilitates easy drain out of material at the end of the batch.

Features Configurations
  • Heating Media: Steam, Hot Water/Oil, Thermic Fluid
  • Side Mounted Choppers
  • Solvent Recovery
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