Salient Features

Technical Data
Capacity 8TPH - 200TPH
Working Pressure Up to 110 Kg/cm2 (g)
Temperature 5400C
Fuels handled Oil, gas and solid fuels like Indian and Imported coal, Kutch lignite, bagasse, rice husk, groundnut shell, cotton stalk and other agro & biomass fuels, and bio-coal briquettes with different firing combinations
Difficult fuels Poultry litter, distillery spent wash, mustard husk, chilli... stalk
Configuration Bi-drum / Single drum Top support / bottom suppor

Industry Segments Served

• IPPs
• CPPs
• Sugar mills
• Breweries & Distilleries
• Paper mills
• Food- industry

Fuels used

• Coal
• Lignite
• Rice husk
• Bagasse
• Biomass
• Spent wash
• Coconut shells
• Palm oil bunches

Project Highlights

• Generating more than 5000 Tons of Green Steam every hour
• Generating more than 400 MW power with biomass
• Saving more than 1500 Tons of fossil fuel every hour and reducing the carbon foot print
• More than 300 boilers running on biomass

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