Our Products
  • Hot Gas Turbine Silencers
    • Bypass silencers
    • Gas turbine silencers
    • Single cycle silencers
    • Optimised splitter design

  • Steam Silencers
    • Vent silencers
    • Start-up silencers
    • Blow-off silencers
    • Flash tank silencers

  • Acoustic Enclosures And Claddings
    • Facades and shrouds
    • Partial HRSG enclosures
    • Steam and gas turbine enclosures
    • Supply and erection

  • Fuel-Gas Silencers
    • HRSG Outlet duct Silencers
    • Main stack silencers
    • Id and Fd fan silencers
    • Minimised Pressure drop

  • Engine Exhaust Silencers
    &null; For diesel and gas engines
    &null; Highest attenuation
    &null; Most compact design
    &null; DNV certified spark arrestor

  • Condensate Systems
    &null; Complete system design
    &null; Static and dynamic calculation
    &null; Condensate tanks and flash tanks
    &null; Piping and blow-off silencers &null;

  • Cooling Tower Silencers
    • Natural draught cooling towers
    • Forced air cooling towers
    • Cell cooling towers
    • Hybrid cooling towers