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Amla Processing Plant

Screw Type Continous Blancher
Function : Suitable for blanching of Amla fruit for easy separation of the segments.
Construction :
Manipulating Conveyor
Function : For inspection and Separating/ Manipulating of seeds from segments of Amla.
Construction :
Amla Breaking Machine
Function : For breaking of Amla fruits into segments.
Specification :
Tray Dryer
Capacity : Suitable for 24 Trays of size 32” x 16” x 1¼” loaded on fixed angles
Drying chamber :
Double walled construction with insulation in between. With one door. Outside body fully welded, step less with rounded edges and corners. Inside body fully welded with rounded edges and corners to maximum extent.
Doors :
Single door with Double walled construction with insulation in between. Heavy Hinges Handle for opening and sparkless locking.
Air Recirculation :
Two coaxial fans driven by common Flame proof motor through “V” belt and pulleys.
Air inlet with micron filter. Exhaust with adjustable damper
Heating :
By finned tube radiator with square meter heat transfer area Suitable for either steam hot water or thermic fluid and By KW Electrical heaters ESCORT’ brand Electrical heaters.
M.O.C. :
Safety :
Amla Pricking Machine
Function : To prick the amla in multiple strokes.
Specification :
Amla Pricking Machine
Function : For extraction of pulp suitable for Amla and other Fruits etc.
Specification :