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The gasifier is essentially a chemical reactor, where several thermo-chemical process such as pyrolysis, combustion and reduction take place. Most biomass materials can be converted into a gaseous fuel known as producer gas, which comprises of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, metheane and nitrogen. This gas has a lower calorific value (1000-1200 kcal/nm3) compared to natural gas or liquified petroleum gas, but can be burnt with high efficiency and good degree of control without emitting smoke. The producer gas flame temperature can be as high as 1100°C. Each kilogram of air-dry biomass (10% moisture content) yields about 2.5 nm3 of producer gas. In energy terms, the conversion efficiency of the gasification process is in the range of 80-90%. For thermal applications, the technology is well proven and gasifier systems are already working in the field with capacities ranging from 100 kWth to 3000kWth.


Our gasifiers have range of special features that gives them the distinctive edge in thermal applications.

Dry gas systems

We offer completely dry gas generators which do not require water/scrubber based gas cleaning. This not only improves the overall thermal efficiency, but also eliminates the problems with effluent treatment and discharge.

Hot gas filter

We have developed a unique gas filter that operates at temperatures upto 400°C and can trap very fine dust particles, resulting in a very clean hot gas.

Compact foot print

The gasifiers are the most compact gasification systems available in India. The compact design not only requires a much lesser area for installation but also minimizes heat loss and increases overall thermal efficiency.

Zero effluent system

The gasifier is designed to have minimum waste products and zero liquid effluents.

Highest overall efficiency

The gasifier is designed for maximum overall thermal efficiency. The conversion and overall thermal efficiency of the system are as high as 90%.

Advanced control and automation

The gasifier is provided (optional) with a range of innovative control and automation features so that the gas generation (and consequently fuel wood consumption) is automatically controlled to follow the thermal load requirement.

Fully automatic burners (optional)

The production of good quality gas from wood is just one half of the solution. The solution only when an appropriately designed burner is used to burn the gas. We have indigenously developed a wide range of fully automatic burner for producer gas from capacities ranging from 50,000 kcal/hr to 25,00,000 kcal/hr. These burners are loaded with all the safety features of conventional automatic burners. We offer single stage, double stage or continuously modulating type burners depending upon the capacity and application.