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Hydrocarbon Processing Pumps

Number One in Industry

Fully compliant with API 610, latest edition design criteria, the HPX pump is of horizontal, end suction – top discharge, overhung, centerline mounted configuration. The HPX pump is the workhorse of the hydrocarbon processing industry due to its unequaled versatility, reliability and safety. The most stringent emissions containment is achieved as the API 682 seal chamber accom-modates all combinations of seal models and styles including advanced gas barrier seal technology.

The HPX pump is the industry leader for these reasons:

Broad Application

Complementary Pump Designs

HPX pumps may be used with other models of API design.
These include:

HPX API 610 Hydrocarbon Processing Pump

The HPX pump meets or exoeeds the rigorous require-ments of API 610, latest edition. Engineered and built for reliable, safe performance, it also provides opt re emissions containment. Further, the HPX represents Me most comprehensive range of hydraulic coverage available to the industry, thereby permiffing precise seleCtiOn for best operating efficiency.



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