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Automatic Liquid Manufacturing Plant


Manufacturing of syrups, oral liquids liquid products in pharmaceutical — food, Beverage, Distillery, Ayurvedic industries. Models : from 50 — 10,000 Ltrs capacity in fully automatic untouched process or in semi-automatic models as per GMP / C-Gmp manufacturing standards with validation documents.

Salient Features

PLC operated control panel system optional.
All dimensions subject to change without prior notice. Specifications / Description mentioned shown in picture may vary with different models.
A Proven Know – how can be provided for the Products Development depending upon requirements in the above areas.
The details of Services offered are :
Hardware :
A) Site Zoning and Plant Layout, Zoning of Buildings with Specifications for Ceiling, Flooring and Wall Finishes.
B) Equipments Selections with Specifications for MOC of Manufacturing. Vessels and Machinery with Support Equipments, QC and QA Instruments, Wet Chemistry Labs, R & D and Pilot Plant Equipments and Packing Machinery.
C) Utilities and Services such as Boiler Piping, Instrumentation, Tank Farm, DM water Plants, water for Injections, HVAC with Specifications of Air Filtration area – wise (Classifications).
D) Turnkey Supply of Machinery, equipments & utilities.
Software :
A) Documents for Polices, SOPs, Batch Mfg.-Records, QC/QA System and other CGMP documents e.g. Change Control, Cleaning Validation, and GLP etc.
B) Qualifications and Validations done on I a, b, c of hardware (URS, DQ, IQ, PQ)
Operations Aspects :
Training and availability of Trained personnel with documents on Training Policy, Process Validation, Automation, SCADA System, Monitoring and Control of Hard-ware, Software, Identification of Critical Control Parameters, Safety, Environment and Effluent Control etc.
Rotary Piston Filling & Sealing Machine (Monoblock)
Technical Specification :

Salient Features

Our Product Range

Labelling Machine (Sticker)
This model is used for Full/Partial Wrap around Labelling on different size of round square containers. The unique feature of this machine is ‘No change parts required for different dia. of containers’ hence the down time is very less for change over. The machine operates at the speed of 100-200-300 containers/min. (depending upon the label length). The conveyor can be of S.S./Delran slats or PVC belt. The base frame is lined with S.S. 304Q as per GMP duly matt finished. Separate drives for conveyor, wrap around and space creator is useful for precise labeling in case of multi-product with different label size. For dedicated product line, single pot speed synchronization is also available as an option on demand.
Labeling Machine
This model is used for precise labeling on single side or double side simultaneously on any type & shape of containers. The machine operates at the speed of 100-200-300 containers/min. (depending upon the label length). Different shape and size of containers can be accommodated on the same machine with / without the help of change parts. Two label dispensers operates independently which allows different size of label application on either side. The latest Digital Servo Technology offers most precise placement accuracy. Also, unique spring loaded twin worm system virtually eliminates the use of any tools making it ‘tool-less ‘ operation for the quickest changeover and less down time for variety of products. Due to spring action, it ensures high safety to containers in case of toppling down & does not damage it. Also it can be designed to apply 3rd label (neck label) simultaneously on the product, if required.
Labelling Machine (Sticker)
This model is suitable for applying sticker labels on top of any type, shape & size of container. Depending upon the size and shape of the container, the conveying arrangement can be designed such as PVC belt or Slat conveyor with pusher. Containers like rigid / flexible IV bottles, boxes, jars lids, cassettes, corrugated boxes, blisters etc. can be labeled on this machine. The machine operates at the speed of 100-200-300 containers / min. (depending upon label length.) configuration of the machine can be designed as per specific requirement such as folding the label on 2/3 sides etc. The same model is used for FFS Ampoule cassettes for Top & Bottom labeling with certain modification.
Labelling Machine (Sticker)
Our product range in sticker labeling includes
Labelling Machine (Wet Glue)
Technical Specification
Output / Hour Upto 9000 Nos. of Round containers (Depending on the size of the container or the label)
Electrical Rating
Main Motor 1 H.P. 230 Volts 50 Hz
Vacuum Motor 0.5 H.P. 415 Volts 50 Hz
Dimensions in mm 3000 L X 1050 W X 1000 H (Wet Glue Labelling Machine)
1800 L X 1000 W X 1000 H (Sticker Labelling Machine)
Structure Top stainless steel matt finish and MS body cladded in SS 304 sheet
Input Specifications Container Specification Label 25mm to 80mm Dia. 38 to 200 Height Length 20mm to 150mm Width 16mm to 120mm.
Features :
Labeling Machine Wet Glue
Cartoning Machine
Cartoning machine
The flagship model 300XC is a cartoner born for the “faster time-to-market” age. This machine is poised with a top speed of 300 cartons per minute to become an indispensable link in the customer’s manufacturing process.
At the heart of these machines is the rotary carton pick-up system which grabs the carton from the magazine, pre-breaks it by counter suction, and then loads it smoothly into the carton chain. The carriers in the chain then hold the carton squarely till product — loading and carton — closing is completed.
Features :
Auto transfer / in-feed system for various products, Powered conveyor to bring the cartons to the magazine, smooth rotary carton pick-up system, Rotary pick-up for pre-folded leaflets, Leaflet folding & feeding, Leaflet pre-insertion (for delicate products), Easily accessible drives those are isolated from the product path, Quick tool-less changeover, printing by embossing / debossing / ink-jet, Tuck-in / Hot-melt / Cold glue carton closure, Centralized lubrication, Bar-code security system.

Vertical Cartoner For Low Speeds

This vertical model is mainly of a semi-automatic kind. The manual loading / insertion of product helps accommodate small / multiple / odd – shaped products although auto in-feed available for many products. Maximum capacity – 50 cpm.
The small footprint ensures this cartoner can be moved around to be used for any new product in a new section.
Features :
Automatic in-feed / transfer systems for varied products, Quick tool-less changeover, Leaflet feeding, Leaflet Pre-insertion (for delicate products), Different types of coding, Tuck-in / Hot-melt carton closures, Centralised lubrication system.

Cartoner Program

C = Continuous, I = Intermittent

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