The Concept Pneumatic System

General Description

  • Zones :
    a) Prime mover zone
    b) Feeding Mixing & Acceleration zone
    c) Conveying Zone
    d) Gas-solids Separation

  • Basic Components :
    a) Compressors
    b) Blowers/ Fans or vaccum pumps
    c) Rotary Feeders
    d) Piping
    e) Diverting Valves
    f) Dust Separators
    g) Control Systems

Pneumatic Conveying offers the user the following advantages:

• Dust free transportation of a variety of products.
• Flexibility in routing – can be transported vertically & Horizontally by the addition of a bend in the pipeline.
• Distribution to many different areas in a plant and pick-up from several areas.
• Low maintenance and low manpower costs.
• Multiple use - one pipeline can be used for a variety of products.
• Ease of automation and control.

Realated Images

Positive Pressure System

Negative Pressure System

Combined Negative Positive Pressure System

Negative Pressure System

Application :

Applications vary from polymers to minerals and food grains to chemicals. The characteristics of materials play a key role in selection & design of a conveying system. Some of these are: Heat Sensitivity, Cohesiveness, Friability, Abrasive property etc.