Soap Finishing Line Roll Mill

The Company offer high precision Roll Mills to permit the soap manufacturer to adjust the structure of the crystalline soap particles so that the soap feels creamy and smooth to the human skin.

The Britannia range of Mills are constructed in 3 and 5 roll versions, in a variety of sizes.

They are massively constructed machines fitted with precision ground rollers capable of making the soap perfectly homogenous and completely incorporating colours, perfumes, additives and fillers into the soap mass.

The Roll Mill uses massively thick high carbon steel rolls mounted between machined steel side plates. The rolls are a computer produced design combining strength and thermal efficiency.

A particular feature of the rolls is their modular assembly. This allows for roller shell replacement after extended use. Other designs require complete roll replacement. The removable end plates permit Britannia to machine the inside of the roll shell guaranteeing even heat transfer during soap processing.

A substantial amount of experimental work has been carried out to ensure turbulence is created within the recirculating coolant inside the rolls. Trials have shown that this is essential in order to attain maximum thermal efficiency. Accordingly special design features have been incorporated to control the quantity and flow rate of the coolant.

The rolls are supported in heavy duty spherical roller bearings which are lubricated by grease nipples located on the outside of the machine. The bearings are fitted in an eccentric housing, which when rotated by external handwheels, adjusts the roll gap. In this way, the soap ribbon exiting from the rolls, can be adjusted for thickness during running operation, to give optimum refining.

The rolls all rotate at slightly different speeds and this exerts a shearing action on the soap mass. The rollers are driven by a large electric motor through massive spur gears. An automatic oil distribution system ensures the gears are continually lubricated during operation. Sensors prevent the machine operating if the lubrication system fails.

The roll adjustment mechanisms are fitted with individual digital indicators and separate thermometers monitor the temperature of each roll. Hand valves are provided to permit the independent adjustment of temperature on each roll. A stainless steel catch tray is provided under the rolls to make cleaning easy. The roll mill is fitted with substantial steel guards which are easily removable for servicing.


The Duplex Plodder represents the most significant improvement in soap processing machinery in recent times. It combines an integrally mounted gearbox, driven by a 22kW motor on each barrel. This in turn rotates a slow speed computer designed screw and the most massively strong construction available today. The Plodder has one electric motor and gearbox driving the top screw which is actuated by automatic noodle level detection control which is located within the feed hopper.
The Plodder has also got a level detector located within the vacuum chamber which automatically starts and stops the bottom screw.
Both of these detectors can be overridden from the local machine control panel.

There is no clutch or vee belt drive, just solid dependable, electro-mechanical power and there is a bonus – both levels are variable speed at no extra cost. It is impossible to overload the drive as it is completely protected by safety overloads on the electric panel.


The Company offers a range of machinery for cutting the extruded soap bar exiting from the final plodder. The bar can be either cut into billets for presentation to the Stamping machine or into blocks of finished laundry soap. All our machines are automatic and are offered as either fixed billet sized knives or variable billet adjustable knives.

The Varimax Soap Cutter cuts an extruded soap bar into billets with a new order of accuracy. The metal cutting chain links are cut by laser to a high degree of precision, to give soap bars which are accurate in length and exhibit a clean, square finish.

The Varimax Soap Cutter is a solidly constructed machine using all steel fabricated parts for the supports and framework. This gives an extremely stable machine completely free from twisting or distortion, and guarantees the maximum accuracy of cut.

The cutter supports are solid steel to completely eliminate flexing, and they are cut to accurate tolerances by high technology lasers.

The articulating drive links are specially fabricated aluminium metal to combine high strength with light weight and correspondingly low inertia. This permits the cutting chain to respond immediately to change of speed in the extruding soap bar without any tendency to distort or drag the soap.

The cutting machine, for incorporation into high speed, fully automatic manufacturing lines, uses a brand new and unique drive system that is the best available. Variable speed is provided by an adjustable voltage direct current motor which uses positive feedback to maintain precise velocity settings.

Variable torque is provided by a manually adjustable clutch type coupling where the variation in soap hardness can be compensated for by an adjustable control.

It is possible to “slave” together the plodder, cutter and stamper to all run at exactly the same speed for fully automatic production.

We offer an alternative design of drive system where it is not considered desirable to tally automate the manufacturing line. The Varimax (air) is driven by a pneumatic motor working off compressed air. By varying the air pressure it is possible to vary the speed and torque of the cutting chain.

The cutting chain head on both systems is variable for angle so that extra thick billets can be cut with true accuracy.

The fixed type cutting machine is the most economically priced unit and the cutting chain is mounted on a light weight support frame. If it is required to change the size of the cut billet then it is necessary to stop the machine and unscrew the cutting assembly. This is then manually lifted off the alternative size of cutting chain is bolted into place. This operation requires no skill and occupies about 10 minutes. The extra chain sizes are specially prepared to the clients specified dimensions.