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Spice Grinding System

The spices to be crushed enters the hammer mill through gravity feed hopper having an adjustable slide to control the feed material. The material is crushed between the hammers and serrated liners. A powerful blower in hammer mill continuously sucks the ground material through a screen classifier and conveyed through the pipe into the cyclone for bagging. The blower maintains constant airflow in the Hammer Mill chamber in order to obtain a cool product and continuously cleans the screens, thus increasing the output.
Product Details :
The grinding chamber here consists of a serrated ratchet liner on top, and the screen at the bottom for the arrangement.
The pneumatic conveying system ensures a dust free and cool operation, very important for spice, thereby retaining their vital properties like color, taste, aroma, flavour, oil content etc.
Spice Grinding Mill can grind following spices :
Similarly we offer complete milling line for Herbs, Sugar, Salt etc.
In order to maintain the spice properties to its optimum level, a two stage-grinding operation is recommended. In the First stage, the coarse grinding with a 3 to 5mm screen is followed by second stage line grinding through a 0.5/0.8 mm screen.

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