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Tablet Manufacturing Line
tablet manufacturing Line

Tablet Manufacturing Plant

High Speed Mixer Granulator

The Mixer is designed to meet special needs of tablet manufacturing technology. Unique design of Impeller reduces the process time as well as more homogenous mixing also uniformity in granule size. It is manufactured maintaining improved hygienic standards within the highest cGMP norms.

Main Impeller

Main impeller maximize micro & micro-mixing of ingredients by effecting optimal diffusion convection & shears irrespective of varying bulk densities, both during dry & wet mixing.


Empty out the granules from main bowl in shortest time while opening the discharge port.

Unique Design of Chopper

Ensures effective delumping of oversized agglomerates distribution of binder fluids and ideal compaction of granules.

Salient Features :

Multi Mill
Self-contained portable unit for wet and dry granulation, pulverization and de-agglomeration of products.
Flexibility to adopt to a wide range of materials to suitable for size reduction and granulation.
Wet and dry granulation of tablet processing material.
multi mill

Special Features :

* Optional
Tablet Blender Machine

Double Cone Blender

It is composed of two truncated cones joined together by cylinder section. A tight closing lid of the fast closing type for feeding material and a discharge butterfly valve at the other end of the unit which also renders a perfect tightness.
“The working capacity of the Blender is 65% to total volume” The blender is recommended preferably when the product to be mixed have a similar density and particular size as well as no lumping properties. Baffles are provided in bigger unit for intense mixing.
The blending time is around 10 to 20 minutes (approx.) as a maximum.
double cone blender
* Models available from capacity 5 Ltrs. To 6000 Ltrs. (Higher capacities on request.)

Technical Data :

Octagonal Blender
Most suitable for Dry Powder Mixing of a small quantity active ingredient with large quantity of powder. A quantity relationship between components, higher than 1:100 can be mixed, effectively.
Most commonly used for lubrication process in tableting department. Due to shape of blender, powder slides on the sides and mixes well because of very low RPM. Therefore there is no impact on the powder / granules and it mixes well.
These machine is basically a container, which tumbles around its own axis driven by gear box and motor. Loading and Unloading is easy. Drum arrangement along with conical hopper arrangement is available.
Octagonal Blender

Technical Data :

Tablet Sifter Machine
Sieves and grade material according to particle size. The amplitude of gyratory Vibration can be adjusted to suit processing needs. Newly improved mechanical sieving unit, a new designed spring action transfers the movement of the particle and tries to move as per the patterns which are formed on the screen. Gradation will take place according to the size of the screens provided. Mostly used for Pharmaceutical Powders Cosmetics, Metal and ceramic product, food products, Liquid slurries, Paints, Granules, Chips straining of suspended particles from liquids etc.

Models Available :

Vibro Sifter : 12,20,30,36,48,72 Inches / Mechanical Sifter : 20 & 30 Inches.
tablet sifter machine
Tablet Compressing Machine

Special Features :


Special Features :

Single Rotary Tablet Press

Our Range of Tablet Compressing includes :

Tablet Coating Machine

Conventional Coating Pan

Coating Pan with Hot Air Blower and Spray Unit

Universal Conventional method of coating of Film and Sugar depending upon the client’s requirement. Hot Air/Cold Air Bowling system is used for Tablets, candles etc. Spraying system is also available with the unit. Polishing pan is made suitable on the same drive of coating pan drive.
Models available : 300, 400, 600, 900, 1200 & 1800 Ltrs. Capacity.
Convential Coating Pen

Automated Tablet-Coating System

Auto coater for a full range of coating applications like aqueous, solvent and sugar. Solution spraying, all SS spray guns are chock-less in operation with automatic nozzle cleaning system in place. The unique features like adjustable spray pattern and atomization control ensure proper application of aqueous based coating/ organic solvent based film coating/eudragit coating /sugar solution coating and makes quick/uniform weight built up on each tablet resulting in minimum solution/solvent loss. The specially designed baffles ensure the even loading of solution on every single tablet of the batch. The device has fully automated operation. Fully automated plc/ lcd based process control system, with necessary hardware and software is designed to take care of the complete requirement of coating cycle. The control parameters include system-monitoring, control feedback, data acquisition and processing. It offers easy programming of product recipe and provides the total security. Rishikesh Exports offers the customized operator interface graphics for user-friendly operation.
Automated Tablet Coating System
Blister Packing Systems

Special Features :

Full Interchangeability with Pack Discharge Aggregator for Downstream Automation

Technical Specifications :

Our range for Blister Packing Machines :

Blister Cartoning Machine

Intermittent Cartoner for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry

Blister Cartoning Machine

Technical Specifications :

High Speed Continuous Motion Cartoning Machine for Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetic Industries

Salient Features :

Technical Specifications :

Parboiled Rice
“It is recommended that the Machine ts tnstalled tn Air Conditioned Premises having room temperature of 220°C to 260°C to ensure efficient working”
Note: Specifications are indicative and we reserve the right ro modify them without prior notice. Accessories shown in the picture are not part of standard equipment.

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